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     Raamat West 25

RAAMAT - Orienteerumisklubi West 25



Bulletin 2 (29.06.2017)

Printerisõbralik leht-> Printerisõbralik leht

Date and Location
15.-16 July 2017 Estonia, Pärnumaa, Jõulumäe and Raeküla

Signs to event center start from: 58.24315, 24.513866
Signs to event center start from: 58.367277, 24.598225

15 July 2017. Estonian Championships middle/BikEST 1. stage (WRE), Jõulumäe, first starter 11:00
15 July 2017. BikEST 2. stage sprint, Jõulumäe, first starter 17:00
16 July 2017. Estonian Championships long/BikEST 3. stage (WRE), Raeküla, first starter 11:00

It is allowed for non-Estonian citizens to participate in the Estonian Championships in mountain bike orienteering outside the Estonian Championship medal race. Having an Estonian Orienteering Federation license is not required in that case.
To compete for the title of Estonian champion in mountain bike orienteering 2017 the participant must be either:
1) an Estonian citizen,
2) members of Estonian Orienteering Federations orienteering club.

All Estonian Championships participants must have a valid Estonian Orienteering Federation licence for the year 2017. The licence must be obtained before the competition day.The competitor’s orienteering club is determined during registration and during the season a competitor may only represent one orienteering club.

Estonian Orienteering Federation licence can be acquired from: www.orienteerumine.ee/litsents/.

MW17, MW20, MW21, MW40, MW50, M60

Starting order
In classes W21 and M21 the starting order is determined by the world ranking (ranking.orienteering.org). Competitors who are not in the world ranking are drawn to the beginning of the starting list. In order to get a score in the WRE ranking from this competition, the participant must have an IOF code.
Start interval in all classes per race type is: middle at least 2 minutes, sprint at least 1 minute, and long at least 3 minutes.

Competition rules
The competition is held according to the Estonian Orienteering Federation rules:
www.orienteerumine.ee//eol/failid/2017/EOLvoistlusreeglid_2017.pdf (in Estonian)
NB! Classes MW21 compete according to IOF mountain bike orienteering rules:

Embargoed areas
Embargoes areas are marked on Estonian Orienteering Federation website.

Terrain and Map
Terrain is relatively flat, the maximum increase on one hillside is 12m. Mostly sparse pine forests, a dense network of trails, the majority of bike paths are well bikeable, some tracks are sandy. Jõulumäe landscape in the middle of the map has an asphalted roller track. Visibility ranges from good to very good. Middle and long distance maps are 1:15000 scale with contour interval 2,5m, sprint maps are 1:7500 with contour interval 2,5m. Final maps will be completed in summer of 2017. The maps comply with the requirements of ISMTBOM 2010.

Previous maps

Punching system
In all classes touch free SPORTIdent AIR punching is used.
A SI-card can be rented from the organisers for 2 EUR/stage. Rental fee must be paid upon registration with the entry fee.
The Renter undertakes to compensate € 64.00 if the SI-card is lost or broken.

Approximate course lengths
15 km
5,5 km
28 km
16 km
6 km
30 km
20 km
8 km
40 km
15 km
5,5 km
28 km
11 km
4,5 km
22 km
9 km
4 km
16 km
9 km
4 km
16 km
11 km
4,5 km
22 km
16 km
6 km
30 km
9 km
4 km
16 km
8 km
3,5 km
14 km
Distance to start
0,7 km
0,7 km
1,8 km

Registration is open until 10 July 2017 (inclusive) through Osport page (https://www.osport.ee/) or via email
For classes MW21 on middle and long distance the competitors must register only through IOF Eventor (https://eventor.orienteering.org/)

Entry fees
5 €
5 €
5 €
10 €
10 €
10 €
15 €
15 €
15 €
15 €
15 €
15 €
15 €
15 €
15 €
15 €
15 €
15 €

The registration fee must be paid to Orienteering club West (Orienteerumisklubi West) bank account EE591010902000877004 in SEB. Raba 1, 80039 Pärnu, Estonia.
Bank: AS SEB Pank, SWIFT code (BIC): EEUHEE2X, Tornimäe 2, 15010 Tallinn, Estonia.
Entry is verified after paying the entry fee.

Accommodation and catering
Accommodation in Jõulumäe Tervisespordikeskuses 14-16 July:
4- and 6-bedded rooms with bunk beds 6 €/person/night
2-bedded rooms 15€/room/night
3-bedded rooms 22.50€/room/night
2-bedded comfort rooms (with shower, toilet in the room) 24€/room/night
3-bedded comfort rooms (with shower, toilet in the room) 36€/room/night
stadium building 2-bedded bedded rooms 12€/room/night
4-bedded cabins with bunk beds 16€/house/night
4-bedded cabins 21€/house/night

The cafeteria in Reiu Holiday Centre (Reiu Puhkekeskus) is open 9:00-23:00.

On Saturday it is possible to shower at Jõulumäe Tervisespordikeskus 1€/person. The price of using a shower is included in the accommodation price for the people staying at Jõulumäe.
On Sunday it is possible to shower at Reiu Hoilday Center for 4€/person.

Catering in the Jõulumäe Sports advance bookings only:
Friday dinner ~20:00 4€
Saturday breakfast ~8:00 4€
Saturday lunch ~14:00 4€
Saturday dinner ~20:00 4€
Sunday breakfast ~8:00 4€

Booking and ordering meals until 10 July via emailregistreerimineokwest.ee

In Estonian championships the three best competitors in classes M17, N17, M20, N20, M21, N21 who are either Estonian citizens or have a permanent residence permit in Estonia are awarded a medal and certificate from the Estonian Olympic Committee. In other classes the three best competitors will receive a medal from the Estonian Orienteering Federation.
If a participant not eligible for an Estonian championship title is among the top three, they will get a reward from the organiser.
For BikEST the three best competitors in all classes based on the sum of times of the three stages get an award from the organiser.

Orienteerumisklubi West www.okwest.ee Office: Kilksama, Sauga vald, 85003 Pärnumaa. infookwest.ee
Course setter: Tomi-Andre Piirmets, 56304106 tomiandrepgmail.com
Event director: Sander Blehner 50 83 837 sanderokwest.ee
Event adviser: Alar Assor 53 410 476 alarassorhotmail.com
Secretary: Anne-Ly Viikmaa 53400099 annelyokwest.ee

Sponsors and partners:
Estonian Orienteering Federation Saint-Gobain Ehitustooted AS Jõulumäe Tervisespordikeskus

[ Tagasi BikEST / Eesti MV RO (15.-16.07.2017) | Tagasi võistlused ]

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