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     Raamat West 25

RAAMAT - Orienteerumisklubi West 25



Bulletin 3

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15. july 2017 Jõulumäe

9:00 – information tent opens
11:00 - stonian MTBO Championships bike orienteering middle distance / BikEST stage 1 (WRE), starts begin
approx 14:30 – award ceremony for Estonian MTBO Championships bike orienteering, middle distance
17:00 - BikEST stage 2 sprint, starts begin

16. july 2017 Raeküla

9:00 – information tent opens
11:00 - Estonian MTBO Championships long distance / BikEST stage 3 (WRE), starts begin
approx 15:30 – award ceremony for Estonian Championships long distance, BikEST summary

Race bibs
All competitors are required to wear a race bib which must be affixed to the bike. Bibs and equipment to affix the bib should be collected from the information tent. The same bib is used for all three stages (unless the competitor is in different classes on different stages).

Punching system
In all classes touch free SPORTIdent AIR punching is used.

In the prestart area the chip has to be cleared and checked in the presence of an event organiser. The checking station will start the chip (it will beep and blink for a few seconds). The chip is turned off when passing through the finish gate. It is suggested to affix the SI-card to your wrist.

The working radius of the punching system is 1.8m which allows passing through the control at high speed. The chip will blink to confirm a punch. NB! Do not touch or hit the controls when moving on the bike!

On long distance, some control points have extra regular SI stations that should be used if a punch cannot be registered with the touch free station.

Course lengths
M178,4 km12,2 km20KP3,9 km5,5 km13KP14,9 km23,6 km20KP
M2010,0 km15,8 km22KP6,2 km9,1 km23KP18,4 km29,8 km28KP
M2113,0 km19,2 km29KP6,8 km10,8 km24KP26 km43,1 km37KP
M4010,6 km15,8 km23KP3,8 km6,2 km15KP17,8 km28,5 km28KP
M508,4 km12,2 km20KP3,9 km5,5 km13KP14,9 km23,6 km20KP
M607,0 km10,3 km18KP3,3 km5,0 km12KP11,0 km18,3 km15KP
N177,0 km10,3 km18KP3,3 km5,0 km12KP11,0 km18,3 km15KP
N208,4 km12,2 km20KP3,9 km5,5 km13KP14,9 km23,6 km20KP
N2110,0 km15,8 km22KP6,2 km9,1 km23KP18,4 km29,8 km28KP
N407,0 km10,3 km18KP3,3 km5,0 km12KP11,0 km18,3 km15KP
N506,3 km8,9 km15KP3,2 km4,6 km13KP9,5 km15,1 km15KP
Distance to start0,7 km0,7 km1,8 km

On the long distance stage, there is a single refreshment point located at a crossing of two roads in the middle of the map (not at a control point).

Maximum biking time
Middle distance 3 hours, sprint 2 hours, long distance 4 hours.

Start and maps
Prestart time is 2 minutes. The map is received 1 minute before the start time.
Maps are collected at the finish and will be returned to the competitor after starts are finished, on Saturday at approx 18:15 and in Raeküla at approx 13:20.

Map size
The scale for middle and long distance maps is 1:15000 with contour interval 2.5m. The sprint map is scale 1:7500 and contour interval 2.5m. Maps were completed in the summer of 2017.
Original map was created by Ville Vinkel with corrections by Sander Blehner in 2017.
All maps are A4 size, printed on non-waterproof material

Map change
In the M21 class there is a map change in middle distance (18th control point) and long distance (22nd control point) stages.

Current state of the terrain and possible hazards
In Jõulumäe the forest floor has been flattened and the tracks widened a little around the disc golf courses, there are also several new small trails that are not present on the map.

In Raeküla, the trees have lots of leaves and visibility has decreased compared to when the map was created.

Caution is advised when crossing and using larger roads. Traffic speeds have been reduced but the roads are open for traffic.

On both terrains there might be people on roads who are not aware of the event. Please be careful! Pay special attention on the long distance event when crossing a bridge to reach the finish -- this is a public road that might have people moving on it.

All competitors are required to wear a helmet and a racing bib attached to the bike, otherwise the competitor will not be allowed to start!

The course setter's commentary
Jõulumäe - Jõulumäe relief grounded landscape features fast-moving roads and very slowly driven paths and sandy ski slopes. However, it is still possible to find the best way to drive quickly with the best possible route choices. This is likely to be a landscape with one of the densest paths in Estonia, where passing along the right one can be very easy. Several checkpoints can be seen at the same time in open pine forest.

Raeküla - Compared to the scenery of Jõulumäe, the Raeküla is a land with a much faster and stronger northern path, with both large paths of trails and narrow paths. The network of roads and paths is a little bit smaller compared to the Jõulumäe, but in some places there is also a very detailed paths network. There are few sand tracks on the terrain, and generally courses avoid these parts. I have tried to plan long-range and multi-choice travel options where you can choose between a shorter and more technical or lengthy, but physically less, road option. There are also very clear paths in the landscape, which can be difficult to notice from the beginning. Be careful on both the narrower footpaths and the large tracks where other health athletes can also be seen.

Parking is free of charge in both event centers.

Bike storage
At Jõulumäe, there are some small storage units that can be used for storing bikes. There are also some metal bike racks in front of the main building (limited amount of places).

Accommodation and meals
People who have booked accommodation can receive their room key from the administrator in the main building of Jõulumäe center. An administrator is present 24h.

All rooms at Jõulumäe (including stadium building and cabins) have sheets, blankets, pillows, hand towels. Comfort rooms (with a shower present) also have bath towels.

Meals at Jõulumäe are only for people who booked them beforehand:
Friday dinner 20:00-20:30
Saturday breakfast 8:00-9:00
Saturday lunch 14:00-15:00
Saturday dinner 20:00-21:00
Sunday breakfast 8:00-9:00

Meal tokens can be collected and accommodation and meals can be paid for in the main building at Jõulumäe on Friday 19:30-20:00 and on Saturday 7:30-9:00 and in the information tent on Saturday from 9:00 onwards.

A cafeteria is open in Reiu Holiday Center 9:00-23:00.

On Saturday it is possible to shower at Jõulumäe Tervisespordikeskus 1€/person. The price of using a shower is included in the accommodation price for the people staying at Jõulumäe.
On Sunday it is possible to shower at Reiu Hoilday Center for 4€/person.

At Jõulumäe, bikes can be washed in the outdoor area of the athletics sector (between the sectors and the hill, slightly to the left of the main building, looking at the parking lot).

Toilets are located in the event center.

In Estonian championships the three best competitors in classes M17, W17, M20, W20, M21, W21 who are either Estonian citizens or have a permanent residence permit in Estonia are awarded a medal and certificate from the Estonian Olympic Committee. In case there are only 1-3 eligible competitors in a class, medals will not be awarded and the competitors will receive a diploma from the Estonian Orienteering Federation.
The top three competitors in classes MW40, MW50 and MW60 are awarded a medal from the EOF.
If a participant not eligible for an Estonian championship title is among the top three, they will get an award from the organiser.
For BikEST the three best competitors in all classes based on the sum of times of the three stages get an award from the organiser.

The online results link will be made public on the OK West homepage at http://www.okwest.ee just before the competition.
The official results will be published on the OK West homepage at http://www.okwest.ee at most one day after the event.

Event organisers
Event director: Sander Blehner +372 50 83 837 sanderokwest.ee
Course setter: Tomi-Andre Piirmets, +372 56 304 106 tomiandrepgmail.com
Event adviser: Alar Assor +372 53 410 476 alarassorhotmail.com
Secretary: Anne-Ly Viikmaa +372 53 400 099 annelyokwest.ee

Raul Kudre, Värska OK Peko
Kuno Rooba, Rakvere OK
Kaido Nurja, OK Nõmme

Complaints and protests
If a competitor, coach or team representative finds that competitors or organisers have not followed the competition rules or requirements, they may file a complaint with the organiser. The complaint must be filed in writing in writing as soon as possible, but not later than 30 minutes after the last competitor of the respective class has finished. The complaint must indicate who has make an error, what was the error, what outcome is requested and the contact details of the complainant.
To appeal against a decision made in response to a complaint, it must be submitted in writing to one of the aforementioned members of the jury no later than 15 minutes after the decision is announced.

[ Tagasi BikEST / Eesti MV RO (15.-16.07.2017) | Tagasi võistlused ]

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